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Chatrpur Railway Station, Chatrapur, Ganjam
Chatrapur, Headquarter of Ganjam district doesn’t encompass with any kind of major historical, mythological and tourist attractions. However, the town was chosen by the British Govt. while ruling in India as a relief center; which actual means to Chatra-Pur (relief-center). The Headquarter of Ganjam was shifted to Chatrapur on 1902. The town has several temples in and surrounded by it. In addition, the famous Gopalpur Port is only 5km far from Chatrapur town and the Tampara Lake are the most attractions to the town. Chatrapur town has two railway stations; Court Halt Chatrapur and Chatrapur. It is connected by NH5 which is 148 km from Bhubaneswar and 21 km from Brahmapur.

Famous Temples in Chatrapur

  • Bada Jagannath Mandir in between Rikapalli and Lower Bus-stand, Dasiri Jagannath Mandir at Main Road, Radha Krushna Mandir at Nilakantheswar Street, Jagannath Mandir at Upper Bus-stand, Laxmi Narayan Mandir at Station road are the famous Vishnu temples in Chatrapur.
  • The famous Shiva temples are Chandrasekhar Mandir at Chandrasekhar Street, Bireshwar Mandir nearby New Police Line, Bisweswar Mandir at Puti Gopalpur, Mahadev Mandir at Rikapalli.
  • The famous Devi temples are Thakurani Mandir at the heart of Chatrapur, Maa Ujaleswari Mandir after the flyover bridge towards Brahmapur, Byaghradevi Mandir at Devi Nagar, Budhi Thakurani or Kalpavasini Mandir beside Dalda Mill, Kandhuni Maa temple at Podapadar.
  • Apart from these there is a Ganesh temple on the way to Bireswar Mandir and one more at Barrack Street; Hanuman temple at Tudugapalli, Shankar Mutt at Shankar Mutt Street, Satsang Vihar Ashram nearby Bireswar Temple and others.

Tourist Attractions at Chatrapur

    Tampara Lake, Boating Club at Tampara, Chatrapur, GanjamRamachandi Temple, Chatrapur, Ganjam, Temples in GanjamRamachandi Temple, Ganjam, ChatrapurJagyanshala, Chatrapur, Ganjam
  1. Arjipalli Port: Arjipalli Port or Gopalpur Port is only 5km distance from Chatrapur town on NH-217. The under constructing Port is one of the eminent lure for tourists to see watch the beach, rock walls at the beach, the port and beautiful amalgamation of sand, sea and sky. To enter into the port you need to take an entry pass worth Rs. 5 per head.
  2. Tampara Lake: It is situated at just 2km north from Chatrapur town. The lake is covered with green lands, mostly with casuarinas and cashew gardens.  There is a Boating Club which conducts boating and aqua sports activities. On first week of December 2012, the District Administration in association with Odisha Tourism is going to conduct ‘Tampara Festival’.
  3. Ramachandi Temple: The ancient Shakti Peeth Maa Ramachandi Mandir is situated on the bank of Rushikulya River, which is only 4 km from Chatrapur town. The old temple is one of the Shakti Peethas of Goddess Chandi. The temple is situated on a small hilltop where people gather to worship mostly on every Sankranti (first day of Odia month), Nav Ratri, Durga Puja, Kali Puja and some special calendar days. There is a rock-tank behind the temple in which water come out the whole time.
  4. Jagyanshala: A holistic place or Ashram owned by Shri Shri Debaraj Brahmachari Maharaj; which is only 4 km distance from Chatrapur, towards south on NH-5. Established in the year 1997, it is an auspicious and peaceful place with a beautiful garden and a giant Banyan tree with several stems dipped into the ground that unable to detect the origin of the tree. The place is also called ‘Vishala-Bata’ or Giant Banyan locally.
  5. Potagarh: Potagarh means to ‘Buried Fort’; where only ruined/buried complexes can be found on the gorge of River Rushikulya and Bay of Bengal. It is approximately 9 km distance from Chatrapur town, towards north on NH-5. The fort was built by Muslim rulers while they’re here; later it was undertaken by French Commander Monsieur De Bussy in the year 1753. However within a short period in 1765, it was controlled by British ruler and this fort as the Collectorate Building of Ganjam. It was one of the historical places of Odisha which was in fact underrated by the department of tourism.
Potagarh, Ganjam, Chatrapur, Tourist Center of Ganjam

Where to stay in Chatrapur, Ganjam Headquarter

Chatrapur has two small lodges; Venkateswar lodge and Hotel Meghalaya. However best place for night halt is at Brahmapur and Gopalpur-on-Sea, both are 21 km from Chatrapur. At Berhampur and Gopalpur-on-Sea luxurious hotels and resorts are available at cheap and best price. Taxis are available to and from both the cities. 

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Tampara Boating Club, Tampara Lake, Chatrapur, Ganjam
Tampara Boating Club
potagarh, Ganjam, Chatrapur, Tourist centers in Odisha
Potagarh, Ganjam

Potagarh, Ganjam, Chatrpur, Historical place in Ganjam
Potagarh, Ganjam
Potagarh, Ganjam, Chatrapur
Potagarh, Ganjam
Tampara Lake, Chatrapur, Ganjam, Boating Club
Tampara Lake, Chatrapur
Boating at Tampara Lake, Chatrapur, Boating Club, Ganjam Tourism
Boating at Tampara Lake, Chatrapur

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