How to Reach At Deulajhari, the Famous Hot Spring and Shiva Temple of Orissa

Deulajhari Hot Spring of Odisha, Hot Springs of Odisha, Shiva Temple, Deulajhari
Deulajhari is famous for Shiva temple and collection of hot springs in Orissa. It is situated near Athamallik of Angul district; which is about 85 km far from Angul and 41 km from Chhendipada by road. Regular bus services are available from Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, which passed over the NH-42 to Angul and NH-55 from Boinda. Boinda is the nearest railway station that connects to Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and other rail routes. Read this article completely to know about the features and attractions of this holistic tourist place of Odisha.

Deulajhari, The Famous Hot Spring of Odisha

Deulajhari of Athamallik Block is a collection of more than twenty hot springs. It was said, earlier there were eighty four hot springs; however now only twenty-four springs are identified; the rest are covered with jasmine forest (Kia-Bana). Among these twenty-four springs, there are five most featured hot springs, which attracts tourists to visit every year in winter; those are Agnikunda, Amrutakunda, Himakunda, Labakushakunda and Taptakunda. The normal temperatures of these are from 40 - 60 Degree Celsius. Apart from these Deulajhari is a famous spiritual place of Shiva temples and Mathas.

Deulajhari Hot Spring of Odisha, Hot Springs of Odisha, Shiva Temple, Deulajhari

Deulajhari – Famous Shiva Temple of Odisha

The Deulajhari Shiva temple was built in the year 1936 by the last king of Kadamba dynasty Shri Kishore Chandra Deo, which is now covered with around twenty four acres of land; which consists of temples of Shree Sidheswar Baba, Shri Kedareswar Baba, Maa Maheswari, Sri Maheswar Baba, Sri Jogeswar baba and Maa Khambeswari. This famous temple of Deulajhari attracts thousands of Lord Shiva’s devotees every year in Makar Sankranti, Sitala Sasthi, Makar Mela, Kartik Purnima and Maha Shiva Ratri to pay homage and take bath in the Baruni stream that flows below the center of the temple. As a common, many local/nearby people visit this temple on every Sankranti (the first day of Odia month).

It was believed that the patients with neurological and mental problem can cured after bathing in the hot springs of Deulajhari; as the underneath layer of earth consists of sulfur and hence. However, it is not medical or scientifically proved or researched.

Deulajhari is only 34 min. travel by bus on SH-62; which is 36.5 km distance from Boinda Railway Station. 

List of Trains Passes at Boinda Railway Station:

  • 12585: Howrah-Sambalpur Express; Arrives at: 05:47; Departs at: 05:48 (Daily)
  • 12586: Sambalpur-Howrah Express; Arrives at: 21:37; Departs at: 21:38 (Daily)
  • 12893: Bhubaneswar-Balangir Express; Arrives at: 09:32; Departs at: 09:33 (Daily)
  • 12894: Balangir-Bhubaneswar Express; Arrives at: 18:34; Departs at: 18:35 (Daily)
  • 18425: Puri-Durg Express; Arrives at: 22:42; Departs at: 22:43 (Daily)
  • 18426: Durg-Puri Express; Arrives at: 02:15; Departs at: 02:16 (Daily)
  • 18405: Puri-Ahmedabad Express; Arrives at: 23:22; Departs at: 23:23 (Wednesday)
  • 18406: Ahmedabad-Puri Express; Arrives at: 01:43; Departs at: 01:45 (Friday)
  • 18451: Hatia-Puri Tapaswini Express; Arrives at: 00:22; Departs at:00:23 (Daily)
  • 18452: Puri-Hatia Tapaswini Express; Arrives at: 02:00; Departs at: 02:01 (Daily)
  • 18303: Sambalpuri-Puri Intercity Express; Arrives at: 07:51; Departs at: 07:52 (Daily)
  • 18304: Puri-Sambalpur Intercity Express; Arrives at: 20:04; Departs at: 20:05 (Daily)
  • 18507: Visakhapatnam-Amritsar Hirakud Express; Arrives at: 11:05; Departs at: 11:06 (Mon, Tue, Fri)
  • 18508: Amritsar-Visakhapatnam Hirakud Express; Arrives at: 11:40; Departs at: 11:42 (Wed, Sat, Sun)
  • 58131: Rourkela-Puri Passenger; Arrives at: 14:39; Departs at: 14:40 (Daily)
  • 58132: Puri-Rourkela Passenger; Arrives at: 12:24; Departs at: 12:25 (Daily)

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