Gopalpur-on-Sea Tourist Information and Travel Guide

Gopalpur is a small town at Ganjam district on the Bay of Bengal; it is also called as Gopalpur-on-Sea. The town is famous due to the scenic beach, light house, ruined port and forts and resorts. It is one of the most immaculate resort beaches in India. It is only 16 km from Berhampur, the business center of Ganjam and 21 km from Chatrapur, the headquarter of Ganjam; and both the cities are having railway station connected with major trains. To stay in Gopalpur town is must be a wonderful experience for the tourists; watching the sunrise and sunset, diving, boating, dining, are the attractive activities here. 
Gopalpur Beach, Gopalpur-on-Sea, Famous beaches in Odisha, Tourist center of Ganjam
Tourists on the Beach

Facts about the city Gopalpur-on-Sea

As per the legendary talks, the town was named after the occurrence of instituting Lord Krishna (Gopal) by a fisherman during 18th century. Later the town was build up by naval merchants who used to travel Burma, Sumatra and Rangoon to import rice and other seeds. It became a shelter for Britons until the Independence of India; afterwards nobody looked after the town. But gradually some hotels and restaurants built up and formed an association of Ganjam District Hotels in the year 1996 and started organizing Beach Festival every year. Then onwards, the city Gopalpur-on-Sea became incredibly admired than previously. Thousands of visitors approach daily in a normal weather condition.
Light House of Gopalpur-on-Sea, Gopalpur beach, Tourist center of Ganjam
  • One of the most attraction of this beach is its lighthouse; however it is opened for public for two hours only, i.e. from 3-5 pm. After hiking the lighthouse, one can see the complete panorama of the town, its ruined forts, various resorts and the beautiful sea & beach.
  • There is another famous place nearby Gopalpur-on-Sea is Dhabaleswar Temple; which is famous for the beautiful Lord Shiva's temple and also the tranquil beach. The temple is famous in Ganjam district; where thousands of devotees visit on every Sankranti (the first day of Odia month) and mass gathers during Kartik Month's each Monday, Makar Sankranti and Maha Shiva Ratri. So if you're a Shiva's devotee/lover, don't forget to visit this place while on your tour to Gopalpur-on-Sea.
View from lighthouse, Gopalpur on sea, gopalpur beach

Here I've noted some of the famous hotels with their price and contact details-in-short for you information.

Well-known Hotels in Gopalpur on Sea:

  • Mayfair Palm Beach Resort: Rs. 10,000 to 20,000 Contact: 0680-234-3403 email:
  • Swosti Palm Resort: Rs. 3,133 to 4,068 Contact: 0674 23 000 008 Email:
  • Pantha Nivas (OTDC): Rs. 650 to 2,650 Contact: 0680-2243931 / 2242088 Email:
  • Hotel Song of the Sea: Rs. 750 to 1,200 Contact: 0680-2242347
  • Hotel Plaza Millennium: Rs 500 to 1,200 Contact: 0680-2242647
  • Hotel Sea Pearl: Rs. 600 to 1,200 Contact: 0680-2242556
  • Hotel Sea Side Breeze: Rs. 400 to 700 Contact: 0680-2242075
  • Hotel Green Park: Rs. 500 to 900 Contact: 0680-2242016
  • Kalinga Hotel: Rs. 350 to 850 Contact: 0680-2242067
  • Hotel Rohini: Rs. 400 to 800 Contact: 0680-2242309
  • Nataraj Tourist Lodge: Rs. 150 to 350 Contact: 0680-2242340

Gopalpur-on-sea, Gopalpur beach, Famous Beaches in Odisha,
A Complete view of the Beach
Gopalpur Sea beach, Gopalpu-on-Sea, Tourist Center of Ganjam, Famous Beaches in Odisha
The Beach and the Hotel Sea Side Breeze
Ruined Resort at Gopalpur-on-Sea, Gopalpur Beach Photos,
Ruined Resort at Gopalpur-on-Sea
Ruined Fort at Gopalpur-on-Sea, Gopalpur Beach photos
Ruined Fort at Gopalpur-on-Sea

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