Kapilash, the Famous Shiva Temple in Dhenkanal District

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Kapilash, the famous Shiva temple is only 26 km from Dhenkanal town. The famous temple attracts millions of devotees from across the world every year. One can easily reach at Kapilash after reaching to Dhenkanal; in addition, Dhenkanal is the district head quarter which is well connected with road and rail services from Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. To know more about this holy place read this article completely.

The temple situated on a hilltop of about 2239 ft from the seal level. There are 1352 steps to climb on the hill or one can reach there by roadways, which called as ‘Barabanki’. The main temple is of 60 ft high. As a common there is a regular arrival of visitors from every corner of the world. However, the main festive of Kapilash is on Maha Shiva Ratri, the sacred night of Lord Shiva to worship.

In 1246 A.D. King Narasinghadeva I of Ganga Dynasty built this temple for Lord Shiva as a sign of Kailasha, the holy hill where Lord Shiva meditates. Some says it was the ashram of Kapila muni and some says it was the second Kailash of Lord Shiva. Whatever it may be, it was the shrine of Shiva and Shiva disciples.

Other than this, there is a deer park and science park nearby Kapilash that attracts the tourists to spend few more hours.

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Kapilas ,the abode of Lord Chandra Shekhar , is a very beautiful religious spot . I have written some descriptions about Kapilas . You may click the link below to read it .

Link : http://www.truth2tell.in/kapilas.html
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