New Format in Odisha Matriculation Board Exam

The Board of Secondary Education, Odisha has thought to execute a new format for matriculation board exam; which will be implemented from the year 2012-13 exam. As per this format the question and answer sheet will be single, where the applicant has to write the answer in the given space provided just below the question; and more 2 blank sheets attached at last to write for any kind of wrong attempts. 

Read this article to know what its benefits are for both the student and the examiner; and please put a comment if you’ve any clarification, positive or negative aspects of this format and whatever else you think.

Beneficial Instructions Provided by the Board of Secondary Education

As per the new format of Matriculation Board Exam,
  • The student will get their answer sheet attached with question paper fifteen minute before the beginning of exam; earlier it was ten minute.
  • 20% extra space will be provided to write the answers below every question and additional two sheets also attached at last for any kind of wrong attempt and to write there. It is exclusively for the papers like math and science; more sheets can be provided, if asked by the student.
  • Students, parents and teachers can see the question papers on website, just two hours after completion of the exam.
  • Sample question paper will be published online for referring and practicing on BSE’s website from 3rd December 2012 onwards.

The Pro’s of New Format of Matriculation Board Exam

As per this format, no-doubt many questions arouse among student, teacher and parent; however there are some advantages for student and examiner or paper-checker; which noted below:
  • At first, students will never miss their answer sheet;
  • Reduce of chances of missing (if occurred else) extra answer-sheets also;
  • It will be easy to find out and cross-check the answers (if left) once again at last, before submitting the paper near invigilator;
  • Easy to examine for the examiners or paper checkers;

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