How to Reach At Nrusinghnath and Gandhamardan Mountain of Bargarh?

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The Temple Nrusinghnath is situated on the sacred mountain Gandhamardan of Bargarh, which is 110 km far from the Bargarh town. Bargarh is connected with NH-6 that runs in between Kolkata and Mumbai; as well as connected with Indian Railways. The nearest airports are Raipur (220 km) and Bhubaneswar (350 km). While visiting to Nrusinghnath and Gandhamardan you can visit the Paraharini stream and a mighty Mandap build by Buddhist monks. To know more about the places, attraction and history of the said topic, read this article completely.

Facts about the famous Gandhamardan Mountain

During Tretaya Yug, Laxman was injured by Indrajit, Son of Ravana the demon of Lanka. Shri Rama’s counselor Jambavan suggested Hanuman to bring the Bishalyakarani from Himalayan Mountains; but Hanuman couldn’t find the plant and brought the whole mountain. And, while bringing the mountain on his shoulder, a part of the mountain fell down, which later named as Gandhamardan. Gandhamardan is more than five thousand medicinal herbs and plants for stern diseases like, AIDS, Cancer, Kidney dysfunctions, TB, Asthma and many more. In 639 A.D. when Hiuen-T’sang visited to Kalinga, Kangoda, Kosala and Odra; he was attracted to and visited Gandhamardan. He spoke about the blossoming Buddhist University of PARIMALGIRI (po-lo-mo-lo-ki-li) that resides at Gandhamardan hills. 

Facts about the famous Nrusinghnath Temple of Bargarh

The temple of Lord Nrusinghnath was build by the King Baijal Dev during 1413 A.D. however, the temple is astonishingly merged with many legends such as the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Buddhist epoch and saints like Bhoj Raj, Kabir, and Tantracharya Nagarjuna.

The temple architecture is completely unique and different from other temples of Odisha. The statues of various God and Goddesses inside the temple are very beautiful and good-looking.

Papaharini stream, gandhamardan, nrusinnghanath temple, bargarh

Other places of interests nearby Nrusinghnath

  1. Papaharini stream is one among the attractive places nearby Nrusinghnath. The name Papaharini means ‘destroyer of sins’; the small stream is a combination of seven small streams, named ‘Saptadhara’. The 12ft wide stream flows for a 25 km long and meets in to the river Mahanadi.
  2. The mighty Mandap built by some Buddhist monks after visiting of Hiuen T’sang and staying a few days there. The old cave is only 10 km distance from Nrusinghnath temple.

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