Raja Bahadur Ramachandra Mardaraj Deo

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Raja Bahadur Ramachandra Mardaraj Deo, one among the makers of modern Orissa was born on 13th January of 1900 to Raja Harihar Mardaraj and Rani Kanak Manjari at Khallikote. At the early age, in 20th July 1909 He lost his father and went to Madras under the guidance of Governess Mrs. F. Harvey Dunn. He completed schooling from Newington and graduate from Christian College. He ascended to throne on 14th January 1921. He was a dynamic leader with ample managerial and political practices.

Biography of Raja Bahadur Ramachandra Mardaraj Deo, year wise:

  • 1924: Set up the Philip-Duff Committee for the formation of separate Orissa province; due to which Mr. C.L. Philip and Mr. A.C. Duff came to Khallikote to attend a special public meeting and stayed in Rambha from 17th to 21st December 1924. However, the setup failed to do so by the O’Donnell Commission;
  • 1932 21st August: Inaugurated a special meeting of Utkal Union Conference to emphasis the Philip-Duff Committee;
  • 1933: Attended the third Round Table Conference at Landon and hosted the ‘Orissa Banquet’ on 12th of January to Sir Samuel Hoare; who later convinced and approved for a separate state as Orissa.
  • 1935: Government of India Act was adopted, where in clause 289 the formation of Orissa been mentioned.
  • 1963, 23rd January: Raja Bahadur Ramachandra Mardaraj Deo died.

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