Shri Binayak Acharya

Shri Binayak Acharya, Chief Minister of Orissa, Freedom Fighter of Orissa
Shri Binayak Acharya, the ex-Chief Minister of Orissa was born on 30th August 1918 to father Raghunath Acharya. He was B.A. D.Ed. and by profession a teacher. Keeping interests in newspaper reading; he also have pastime in discussing national and international political affairs and conditions. During Quit India Movement, in 1942 he took care of the undergrounded leaders and supports their families. He served around twenty years of his life as a teacher and at last decided to serve as a political leader and started political career in 1967. He was the Chief Minister of Orissa from 29th December 1976 to 30th April 1977.

Shri Binayak Acharya worked as a teacher, head master in several M.E. and High schools and also a graduate assistant too. He was a hard believer and supported of socialism and secularism who kept interests in trade union activities. He worked for the upliftment of backward class people of the country. He elected to Orissa Legislative Assembly in 1967 and 1971 from Berhampur constituency. He was a opposition leader in Orissa Legislative Assembly from 1967 to 1972. He became Minister of Agriculture, Urban Development, Labour, Employment and Housing from 14th June 1972 to March 1973; and then minister of Finance.

Shri Binayak Acharya expired on 11th December 1983.

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