Tourist Attractions at Boudh, the Buddhist Shrine of Odisha

Buddha Statue at Boudh, Buddhist Temples at Odisha, Lord BuddhaBoudh, the name itself speaks the presence of Lord Buddha. It is an ancient city built by Buddhist monks and followers. The city is a collection of various temples, caves, Buddha statues; it is amalgamated by Boudh and Hindu religious beliefs. In addition it is a beautiful place for nature lovers and devotees; if visited once never forget in his life. In this article you’ll get whole information on various places of interests at Boudh and nearby places. You’ll also able to how to reach at Boudh.

The Famous Buddha Statues of Boudh District

There are many Buddha statues found in this district; however the statue resides at Boudh town is special one. The presence of such statues utters us presence of Buddhist monks and devotees long-ago. The statue of Buddha is 6ft 9inch height, which is in Bhumisparsa Mudra, where two Gandharvas were flying with garlands in hand on each side. The statue was stone carved, which seems very similar as at Udaygiri and Lalitgiri of Cuttack.

A similar Buddha statue of 5ft height was at Shyamsundarpur village, 40km far from Buddha; however it was made by sand stones. In addition, 2km from shyamsundarpur village at pragalapur, a Buddha statue of 3.5ft height resides. 

The Famous Ramanath Temple of Boudh Town

Ramanath Temple at Boudh, Temples at Boudh, Shiva Temples in Odisha
Ramanath Temple at Boudh town is very famous due to its unique magnum opus in India. It is a collection of three Shiva temples at one place which was built in mid of 9th century A.D. The temple was completely carved on red sandstones with beautiful designs and layers. It is now preserved under department of Archaeological Survey of India.

Famous Temples on the Bank of Mahanadi River at Boudh

On the bank of River Mahanadi, there are many temples that were built a long ago. Some of the famous ones are: Lord Hanuman Temple, which was built on a huge stone; Chandrachuda and Matangerswar are two Shiva temples situates on the bank of Mahanadi.

The Famous Jogindra Villa, Bhairabi and Madan Mohan Temple of Boudh

Jogindra Village at Boudh, Rajabati of Boudh, Palace of Boudh
Jogindra Villa or Rajabati is the King’s Palace named after King Raja Jogindra Dev. It is beautifully constructed to watch the striking scenery of Mahanadi. The temple of Goddess Bhairabi and Madan Mohan temple of Radha-Krishna are situated nearby the Villa which is too eloquent.

Apart from these, people of Boudh are very religious and festivity. Every year they enjoy the Rathayatra of Lord Jagannath that begin at the famous and ancient Jagannath temple. As a whole it is a complete pious and scenic place or town of Odisha.

How to Reach at Boudh, the Buddhist Shrine of Odisha?

Boudh town is well connected by bus routes from Bhubneswar, Berhampur, Sambalpur, Balangir, Angul and other towns. One can get there easily either by bus or train from Bhubaneswar. The nearest Airport is at Bhubaneswar, which is by bus it is 213 km distance via NH-224, 263 km via Dhenkanal and Angul over NH-42 and 270 km over SH-1. From Sambalpur it is 100 km on NH-42 or SH-24. From Balangir it is 101 km on NH-224. From Berhampur it is 232 km on SH-7 via Phulabani. The nearest railway station to Boudh is Rairakhole station, which is only 27 km from Boudh. The trains’ stops at Rairakhole station are: Bhubaneswar-Sambalpur Intercity Express, Puri-Sambalpur Passenger, and Visakhapatnam-Amritsar Hirakud Express.

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