Tourist Places in Cuttack

Cuttack, the former capital and largest city of Odisha situates 28 km from Bhubaneswar. The term Cuttack (Kataka) means fort, which named after the famous Barabati Fort built in 989 A.D. by Keshari Dynasty. In addition, the city Cuttack is built by King Ananga Bhima Dev –III in 1211 A.D. It is one of the oldest cities of India, which is famous for business centers, hospitals, silk & cotton textiles, silver, brass and horn works. The silver filigree of Cuttack is world famous, due to which the city was also called as Silver City. There are a number of tourists, religious and historical places in Cuttack, which are enlightened in this article.
Mahanadi at Cuttack, Cuttack City, River Mahanadi

The city Cuttack situates on the delta formation by River Kathajodi in south and River Mahanadi in north. The whole city is protected by stone revetments that were built in 11th century A.D. The famous tourist places of Cuttack are Barabati Fort, Kataka Chandi Temple, Quadam-e-Rassol, Jumma Masjid, Shahi Mosque, Gurudwara Daatan Sahib and many more famous temples such as Paramahamsa Nath temple, Bidanasi Jagannath temple, Dhabaleswar temple, Gada Chandi temple etc. 

Barabati Fort and Barabati Stadium of Cuttack

Barabati Fort at Cuttack, Fort, Barabati of Cuttack

Barabati Fort originally constructed during the Ganga rule in the 13th century A.D. copious adding up to this nine-storey building and fortification was done by King Mukunda Deva during 1560-68 A.D. Later it was occupied by Afghans, Mughals and Marathas. In the year 1803 it was captured by British. The fort was famous as it was the business center for all the rulers. Now the fort was partially ruined and there is a modern stadium, named Barabati Stadium, which hosts many national and international day & night cricket matches. 

Barabati Stadium, Cuttack Stadium, Cricket Stadium, Barabati


Kataka Chandi Temple of Cuttack

Kataka Chandi, Cuttack Chandi, chandi temple in Cuttack, temples in Odisha
Situated in the heart of Cuttack, the temple of Maa Kataka Chandi is legendary for Hindus. The temple is popularly known to every Odia people. The temple is not as bigger as others; however it is famous for the Goddess Chandi worshiped there since a long ago. Another Chandi temple situates inside the Barabati stadium is Gada Chandi

Mosques and Masjids in Cuttack

Quadam-E-Rassol is one of the famous mosques of Cuttack, which was built by Shujaddin Khan. Some of the famous mosques of Cuttack are Shahi Mosque, Jumma Masjid, Ujale Khan Mosque etc. Shahi Mosque is situated inside the Barabati fort. All the mosques are beautifully designed and well constructed. As Cuttack is very festive city, Hindus, Muslims and other religious people celebrate each other’s festive with mingle. 

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Maa Gada Chandi, Gada chandi of cuttack, chandi temple
Maa Gada Chandi
Shri Shri Ghateswar Mahadev, ghateswar mahadev temple, temples at cuttack
Shri Shri Ghateswar Mahadev
Boating at Kathajodi, boating in cuttack, amusement in cuttack
Boating at Kathajodi
Sarala Sahitya Sansada, Library in cuttack, Sarala library in cuttack
Sarala Sahitya Sansada
The Shahi Mosque, mosque inside the fort, forts at cuttack
The Shahi Mosque
Garden inside the Barabati Fort
Scene inside the Barabati Fort
Garden inside the Fort Barabati

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