Dokarichanchara: A Famous Tourist Place in Kalahandi, Odisha

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Kalahandi is one of the famous historical and ancient places of India or Odisha; where Dokarichanchara is a picnic or tourist place located in the village Kokasara, on the border of Kalahandi and Nabarangpur district. It is completely different and unique place than that of other attractive tourist centers in Kalahandi. 
The best time to visit this place is during December to March. From capital town Bhubaneswar, it is around 550 km by road; there are many private buses run daily to Dharmagarh and Kokasara, which are the nearest towns to this place. Otherwise, the nearest railway station is Kesinga; where regular trains are available from Bhubaneswar.

Dokarichanchara is famous due to its two famous waterfalls, Dokaridara and Bhanyaraghumara (or Bhairav dhar). In addition, the historical Gudahandi cave nearby it makes this place more prominent. The Gudahandi cave was named due to its appearance as a jaggery (guda) pot (handi). There you can see several pre-historical literatures, pictographic inscriptions and drawings crafted on the stone walls. There is famous Ram temple, which is famous due to very old and ancient. Every year on Sri Ram Navami a nine-day long festive occurs.

Dokarichanchara Falls

The Dokaridhara falls from a height of 200ft, which is surrounded by beautiful stoned hills. Maa Dokari Devi is also been worshiping at this place since a long time. If we walk on next to the stream, after 2km distance we can reach at the famous Bhanyaraghumara waterfalls, which falls from a height of 150ft height. You can see the beautiful hill stations Yogi Pahad and Rani Pahad nearby it.

Other Visiting Places Nearby Dokarichanchara of Kalahandi

  • Karaka is a famous tourist or picnic place for nature lovers, which is 30km distance from here, towards Nabarangpur;
  • Budharaja Temple at Amapani is 20km far from here;
  • Kandhagada is famous for stone carved statues by tribals;
  • Junagarh, one of the historical places that is famous for its ‘chha’ kodi bandha aau naa’ kodi tota’; don’t miss it.

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