Famous Ramachandi Temple at Khurda, Gadamanatira

Maa Ramachandi Temple in Gadamanatira of Khurda is very famous in Odisha for its religious serene and natural beauties. The temple is one of the ancient temples in Odisha, which talked to be of 1600 years ago. It is situated at 20 km far from Khurda town in the village Gadamanatira, where in a cave Goddess Maa Ramachandi is being worshipping. The statue of Goddess is a 60ft height of black granite stone. The location is very tranquil and beautiful, surrounded by a large mango and cashew garden.

While coming from Bhubaneswar you can get a Khurda by bus and then here by bus, taxi or auto, which is around 35km journey. From Khurda Railway station it is only 25km by road. The famous festive in this temple is Dashera or Durga Puja and every Sankranti (month’s first day of Odia calendar).
The temple is on top of a small hill of 72 steps, where two lion statues were standing on two sides of Goddess’. There is bhog mandap, drawing hall, yagnya mandap, dola mandap, kitchen room and a tiger-bull memorial temple.
Once a day when Mogul Subedar Mirza Ahmed Beg attacked on Khurda, Gajapati Narayan Singh Deo brought Lord Jagannath from Puri to Gurubai (Chilika) and then at Gadamanatira to protect. At the time, for some days the Rathayatra (car festival) celebrated here. From 1996 onwards, it was declared one of the tourist places of Odisha Tourism.

More Tourist Attractions nearby Gadamanatira Ramachandi Temple

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  • Peer Baba of Kaipadar: Visit to Dargah of Peer Baba of Kaipadar and worship with Guda Bhog;
  • Ramachandi Peetha of Barunei Hills, which is 22 km from here;
  • Mugamanda Ashram, where Akhanda Dipa is burning since last 50 years;
  • Baghamari’s Hot Spring: At about 15km from here, you can visit one of the famous hot springs of Odisha, named Atri.

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