River Indrabati: Why The Story Is Famous For?

Indravati Hydroelectric Project, which situates on the River Indravati is one of the famous tourist destinations of Odisha. The River Indravati is flowing with the amalgamation of three streams that flow from a hilltop village Mardiguda of Thuamula Rampur Block, Kalahandi. The River at last meets with River Godavari at Bhadrachalam (Andhra Pradesh) flowing across Nabarangpur, Bastar (Chhattisgarh), and then Maharashtra. It is around 500 km far from capital city Bhubaneswar by road and 80 km from Bhawanipatna, the nearest railway station. Read the beautiful betrayed love story of Indra and Indrani which formed to River Indravati.

Indravati River

At above 900mts from sea level, in Eastern Ghats there is a village named Mardiguda; where some tribal people lives in their thatched houses. There is a mango forest and a hill nearby the village, from where three streams flows non-stop since thousand years and forms to the River Indravati. Due to the hydroelectric power station and irrigation project around 1, 28,000 hectares of agriculture lands of Dharmagarh were facilitated. Shortly, Bhabanipatna and Kesinga block also going to facilitated with Indravati irrigation. The famous Chitrakoot Falls is on the Indravati in Chhattisgarh, 40km from Jagdalpur town and also Indravati National Park and Tiger Reserves.

Chitrakoot Falls on River Indravati at Chhattisgarh
Chitrakoot Falls at Chhattisgarh (Photo: Wikipedia)


A Betrayed Love Story of Indra And Indrani Which Formed To Indravati River

There is a beautiful Hindu mythological story behind the formation of Indravati River. Once upon a time the place was full of Champa and Chandan trees, which fragranced the whole forest. Due to such a beautiful place on earth, Lord Indra and Indrani went down from Heaven to stay here for a while. They deeply enjoyed the beauty of nature; while wandering in the jungle Indra went to a small village Sunabeda (Nuwapada district), where he met with a beautiful girl Udanti. At first meet, they fall in love with each others; and Indra disagreed to get back. On other side, due to disband or separation Indrani cried sorrowfully and expressed her pain to the people, where gathered there. People knew well about the Indra and Udanti; they informed the same to Indrani and suggested to stay there. Indrani got irate over Indra and pour scorn on Indra and Udanti so that they never meet again and she stayed there as Indravati River, which flows till date. And, Indra and Udanti rivers are also flowing there separately, without meeting each other due to offense of Indrani. 

Indravati Project, Indravati Power Station
Indravati Project

Visit Other Tourist Attractions nearby Indravati

  • Junagarh, historical place of Odisha;
  • Indravati power station and dam;
  • Karlapat Sanctuary, 10km from Indravati;
  • Maa Manikeswari Temple at Thuamula; 2km far from Indravati.

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