Devagiri, a Religious Center in Rayagada, Odisha

The five faced (Panchamukhi) Shiva Linga and Ashta-Linga (eight Lingas) of Devagiri at Kalyansinghpur village of Rayagada is very exceptional; rarely exist in the world. Situated nearby the River Nagabali, it is one of the famous tourist and religious centers in Odisha. Read this article to know some facts about this place and tourist information.

How to Reach There and When?

Situated at around 500 km from capital city Bhubaneswar, one can reach there either by bus or train. The nearest railway station is at Shikharpalli, which is 12 km from Kalyansinghpur and by road it is 50 km from Rayagada town.
There are some private buses, running in between Bhubaneswar and Devagiri Rayagada. The best time to visit this place is during November to February.

After a 2 and half kilometer from Kalyansinghpur village, a huge elephant like single rocked mountain appears, which called as Devagiri. The 120.2 meter height hill has a flat platform on the top. The famous Shiva Temple is situated on the top of the hill, which is very popular due to the presence of lingas in eight small caves. On the eve of Maha Shivaratri, an eight day long festive occurs and this place is famous for the local tribes also. During all Mondays of Kartika and Shravan month this place became dynamically gathered by devotees. 

What to See There?

The amalgamation of eight Shiva lingas and five faced Shiva lingas are very rare in the world. Lord Shiva is being worshiped since a long time by several saints on this mountain, which later facilitated and worshiped by King Krishna Chandra Dev. There are two stone formed water pole (kundas) named as Ganga and Jamnuna nearby. There are 476 steps with supporting railings to climb the rock mountain.
You can visit the nearby tribal (Dangaria Kandha) village Paroshali, ancient Jagannath temple and Durga Devi temple in Kalyansinghpur of Devagiri.

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