Professional and Law Colleges in Angul District

Angul district has two professional colleges in information technology; Raneswar Institute of Management & Information Technology and Vinayak Institute of Engneering & Management. In addition, there is one law college, name: Vivekananda Law College. Read this article to know more information about these colleges such as college, code, address, websites, email id and phone no of principal etc.

1. Raneswar Institute of Management & Information Technology
College Code: 01045801
Address: Amalapara, Angul (NAC)
Courses Offer: BCA 3yrs.

2. Vinayak Institute of Engneering & Management
College Code: 01045802
Address: Angul (NAC)
Courses Offer: BCA 3 yrs.

3. Vivekananda Law College
College Code: 01045891
Address: Angul (NAC)

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