Review of First Odia 3D Film – Kaaunri Kanya

‘Kaaunri Kanya’ the first Odia 3D movie was directed by Soumya Ranjan Sahu and produced by Ramya
Ranjan under the banner Angel Bee Medias, is highly expected to be one of the most astounding horror movies in India. The movie is going to be popular due to its underwater 3D creation and sound effect, which is first in Odia film industry. 

‘Kaaunri Kanya’ is based on story of a girl who undergone with some bad black magic. Shot in a remote village Surangi, in Ganjam district of Odisha and Visakhapatnam (for underwater shots) the movie is coming with many new faces. However, Odia movie fans will see our actress Prakruti Mishra in a special role in this film in a romantic song.

The story of the movies is very simple but frightening while seeing the trailer in YouTube. Dr. Akash with her wife Riya went to a village due to his job shifting. During their living in that village, Riya come across some unnatural practices which bothered a lot to Akash; even though he tried to find out the reason with the help of a senior psychiatrist but he comes across a lot of past stories and mysteries; which is exciting to see in the theater with 3D. 

  • Main star casts of this movie 'Kaaunri Kanya' are: Kavya Kiran, Soumya, Rehan, Payal, Asuthosh, Ardhendu, Bighna, etc.
  • Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics by Ramya Ranjan Sahu
  • Direction by Soumya Ranjan Sahu
  • Music and Background Score by Satya (Hyderabad) and Mithun (Bangalore)

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