Baladev-Jiu Temple at Righagarh of Kendrapada

Baladev-Jiu temple situates in the village Righagarh which is 21km from Rajanagar towards Talagua of Kendrapada district. The temple of Baladev-Jiu situates at the right side of village entrance; where three idols Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra worships. The temple and its sculptures were made in the 18th centuries; similar to the pattern of Aradi's Akhandalamani temple.

Information on Rigagarh of Kendrapada

Sculpture of Lord Balabhadra
Righagarh was the capital of Kanika Kings at the age of 14th century. Later it owned by Bhanja Kingdom; but the capital was shifted to Rajanagar. Righagarh was first named by British Officer Hamilton as 'Rika Fort' which he published in his book 'The Hindustan'. Later the name 'Rika Fort' was corrupted to 'Rigaphord'; and later it translated to Odia as 'Righa Garh (Fort)'. The temple Baladev-Jiu is famous due to its rock carving and many mythological beliefs among people.

How to reach at Righagarh of Kendrapada, Odisha

Baladev-Jiu Temple at Righagarh of Kendrapada
Righagarh is only 121km from Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha; and buses are available from Cuttack bus-stand via Chandikhol or Salepur towards Rajanagar. There are some direct buses runs between Cuttack and Righagarh, frequently. Buses and taxis are available from Rajanagar and Charampa (Bhadrak) Railway station.

Other places to visit nearby Righagarh

  • Gahiramatha:  The famous Olive Ridle turtle sanctuary;
  • Pentho: A longest sea beach with famous temple of Banabihari-Jiu;
  • Satabhaya;
  • Bhitarkanika: Only 5km from Righagarh; a crocodile rearing center, sanctuary and famous tourist spot of Odisha.

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