Bhima Kunda: Famous tourist place in Mayurbhanj, Odisha

Bhima Kunda composes to one of the major tourist locations in Mayurbhanj of Odisha. Bhima Kunda is the water container of River Baitarani; where throughout the year tourist visit to enjoy the serene and worship Lord Shiva at Kundeswar. Rather than rainy days, it is suitable for everyone to watch the beautiful serene and enjoy the spectaculars place. Here, the River Baitarani flows under ground for more than 10 km and again appears at a place, named as Sunakhamba.

Bhima Kunda: Mythological legend & Festivals

The underground flowing of River Baitarani is also called as ‘Gupta Ganga’. At the age of Dwapara, as per Hindu Mythology; The Pandavas arrived here during their ‘Angyatvaas’. The Pandav Bhima has taken bath in this water container, due to which it named as ‘Bhima Kunda’.

Every year in the month of January, the ‘Makar Mela’ festive occurs at Bhima Kunda. The Santalas (a kind of Odia tribes) come here to worship in the temple Maa Rangaburu; which called as ‘Damodar Yatra’. It is one of the affirmed tourist places of Mayurbhanj, where thousands of tourists come here to amuse and picnic. 

How to reach at Bhima Kunda of Mayurbhanj?

It is 15km far from Jualikata (Chamakpur) square on the way to Thakurmunda-Karanjia, if coming towards Anandpur, from Bhubaneswar. Otherwise, if coming towards Thakurmunda from Karanjia, it is 15km far from Kenduliani Chhaak. If you’re coming from Kendujhar to Dhenkikot-Karanjia, you can get there from Mangalpur square or Dhenkikot’s Kapaspada chhak. It is 125 km far from Baripada Railway station.

Other attractions nearby Bhima Kunda of Mayurbhanj

  • Maa Kichakeshwari at Khiching
  • Crocodile rearing center at Jashipur
  • Shimilipal forest park
  • Joranda waterfalls
  • Stone carving village Keshana

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