Champanath temple at Athagarh, Odisha

Champanath temple of Champeshwar is famous in Odisha, which situated at undivided Cuttack district’s Athagarh Block’s Narasinghpur garh. Now it comes under Narasinghpur block of Athagarh district. The famous Shiva Peeth, Champanath of Champeshwar is very much popular in Odisha and India. Champeshwar temple is also famous for its more than 200 tortoise, which resides inside the temple periphery. The act and behavior of tortoises attracts utmost tourists every year.

Several years before, Lord Shiva emerged at a champa (Plumeria) tree; due to which it was named as Champanath and the place named as Champeshwar. The Shiva Linga at Champanath temple is situated 6ft beneath the ground. There are many ancient sculpture carved in stone, which seems around the temple walls. A large pond situated at the Westside of temple; where more than 200 tortoises leave. The tortoises were attracts the visitors and eat whatever the visitors give food to them. As per Hindu myths, at the age of Dwapara, the demon king Banasur comes up to Champanath temple to worship the Lord Shiva. Banasur used to stay at Banasurgarh of Narasighpur block; situates beside the River Mahanadi; which now famous in the name of Baneswarnashi.

How to reach at Champanath temple of Athagarh, Odisha?

Champanath Temple at Athagarh, Odisha

Champeshwar is 110km far from Cuttack towards Narasighpur. There is other way to reach Champeshwar from Bhubaneswar via Baranga and Munduli. It is 70km from Dhenkanal and 50km from Nayagarh.

The famous festivals occurred at Champanath temple is, Maha Shivaratri, Chaitra Gundicha, Shilal Shasthi, Chandan Yatra, Chitalagi Amavasya, Pusha Purnima, and Gamha Purnima.

Other attractions nearby Champanath temple of Athagarh, Odisha

  • Kontilo: famous Nila Madhav temple; also famous for Bronze-Brass architecture.
  • Bhattarika: a famous Shaktipeeth of Odisha.
  • Badamba: Birth place of Green Poet Baikunthanath Pattnaik; and famous tourist place with Simhanath temple.
  • Maniabandh: 30km far from Champeshwar village, is famous Buddhist place.

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