Sun Temple at Tihidi of Bhadrak, Odisha

As per Hindu mythology the God Sun has various names; one of its name is Biranchi Narayan. The world famous Sun temple is situated at Konark of Puri district. There are many other Sun temples situates in India; such as Biranchi Narayan temple at Buguda, Sun temple nearby Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh and Biranchi Narayan temple at Tihidi of Bhadrak, Odisha. In this article the information is given about the temple and how to reach there.

Sri Biranchi Narayan temple of Tihidi, Bhadrak

Sri Biranchi Narayan temple situates at Paliabindha village of Tihidi Block of Bhadrak. It is nearby the Paliabindha college, which is 2km far from the village. As per the historical background, there was a town at the mouth of Kundi river (part of Salandi river) and Bay of Bengal, named as Kundi Katak; later the name changed to Palia. The temple was build on the shore of Bay of Bengal; however later due to geographical movement it moved 20km far from the sea. At that time tycoons used to travel Java, Sumatra, Indonesia, Bali & Simhal (Sri Lanka) from here, on sea.
Sun Temple
Sri Biranchi Narayan

Festivals in Sri Biranchi Narayan temple of Tihidi, Bhadrak

The famous festival in this temple are Makara Mela in the month of Magha (as per Indian Calendar), Munduri Yatra (Agira Purnima) and Shivarathri.
Sun Temple at Tihidi, Bhadrak
Sri Biranchi Narayan Sun Temple at Tihidi of Bhadrak

How to reach at Sun temple of Tihidi, Bhadrak?

Paliabindha is 135 km far from Bhubaneswar, Capital city of Odisha. Buses are available from Bhubaneswar and Cuttack bus-stands. Bhubaneswar-Bhadrak/Chandabali and Cuttack-Bhadrak/Chandabali buses are going by the village Paliabindha. Taxis are also available from Charampa (Bhadrak) railway station.

Other attractions nearby Tihidi of Bhadrak

  • Patuli Mangala: The village of Shiva Lingas Patuli Mangala Peetha Narendrapur is just nearby Paliabindha
  • Chandabali Sea Port: Built on 1930, Odisha's famous sea port
  • Dhamara Sea Port and Wheeler Island: Dhamara is one of the famous ports of Odisha and Wheeler Island is famous for Missile manufacturing and testing center of India.
  • Bhitarkanika: The largest crocodile rearing center and sanctuary of Asia
  • Akhandalamani: Famous Shiva peetha at Aradi.

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