Buyers panicking before Hudhud in Odisha

Buyers in Odisha were severely panicked due to announcement of possible cyclonic storm ‘Hudhud’. The retailers in Odisha already grabbed more than 800 tons of Potato yesterday. It is already underneath the supply of potatoes from West Bengal govt. to Odisha; meanwhile the earlier precautions of keeping food materials emerged trauma among poor people in Odisha. 

Before the declaration and notice to district collectors to store very essential households & food items in district headquarters, immoral businesspersons concealed a lot of essentials such as potato, flattened rice (chuda), jaggery, candles, kerosene etc. There is no clue or information about such activities to district collectors, whereas the retailers are selling them in high price. 

It has been seen in Ganjam district’s several towns where retailers are selling potatoes more than 35rs per kilo. And buyers are panic about other things too. It is already warned to the petrol pump owners and supervisors to keep excess fuel which is surely essential after the possible cyclonic storm. However, they are selling in huge quantity without any limit to the buyers. They must realize the last years’ Phailin consequence problems and keep in mind should do business along with.

As per the recent climatic information by IMD, most of the coastal areas of Odisha will be cloudy and rainfall from 10th October onwards. On 11th and 12th of October it may rain in north Odisha and south Odisha’s Ganjam, Gajapati, Koraput, Malkangiri and its adjacent areas. After getting the clear image of cyclone, the department will inform Hudhud's trailing & movement report in every 3hr to district headquarter and via media too.

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