Mumbai Model Preeti Bhatia Arrested Under ‘AT Group Odisha Chit-Fund Scam’

After continuous interrogations Crime Branch of India didn’t found any relevant and satisfactory words from Preeti Bhatia, which causes to her for a four days remand as per court orders. Preeti Bhatia which is a renowned model-cum-producer for various Hindi TV serials is in charge for famous ‘AT Group Chit-fund Scam’ in Odisha. As the matters exposed by AT Group MD Mr. Pradip Sethi and her movie making partner Preeti Bhatia are not co-related; hence she was under remands of CBI.

Prism Heights Film and Entertainment’ banner was organized by Preeti Bhatia along with Mr. Pradip Sethi and Indu Deewan. The banner already produced an Odia film named ‘Asibu kebe saji mo rani’ and a Hindi serial too. 

While interrogating it was revealed that a large amount of money was being transferred from AT Group a/c to Preeti Bhatia for film & TV serial making. However, Preeti was unanswered about 50lac Rs. which she transferred to her sister out of 1.17crore Rs. Apart from this she also privileged with other cash and gift benefits from AT Groups

CBI found there is around 14crore Rs. of transactions from Pradip Sethi to Preeti Bhatia; which is really a matter of disgusting as such funds were deposited by lots of people from Odisha and other Indian states on behalf of their securities and to gain a minimal interest.

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