Infant and child mortality in India: Odisha is second after Assam

Even though, the infant and child mortality (death) rate decreased in Odisha; but still in second position in India after Assam. In the year 2013 it was 68 death counts out of 1000 infants which now lessened to 51. So what are the root causes that bear such amount of mortalities in Odisha? Please have a look and stand for this cause. 

As per the report produced by UNICEF, in 2013 in India, there are 39 infants and 52 newborns died out of 1000. As per the current report, there are 75 death counts in Assam, 73 in Madhya Pradesh, 68 in Uttar Pradesh and Odisha, 59 in Rajasthan, 57 in Bihar ad 55 in Chhattisgarh. 

Apart from this, in last 5 year there are 1.34 million children and 7.48 lac infants died in India. For this reason, India government begin several attempts and projects to lessen this infant and child mortality rate in all the states. But in Odisha it could be more fruitful if government encounter these drawbacks and implement properly. As per a report, in Odisha:
  • 110 primary health centres are running without doctors
  • No lady doctors in 1010 primary health centres
  • Operation theatre is not available in 1306 primary health centres and 68 community health centres
  • No Women health workers in 212 sub-centres and no men health workers in 2750 sub-centres
  • There are no health workers (men/women) in 158 sub-centres
  • There are no newborn care units in 57 community health centres in Odisha.

The most vital fact is there is no water facility in 292 primary health centres and no electricity in 141 health centres in Odisha. Therefore, how the infant and child mortality can be controlled in Odisha or in any part of our country.  

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