Ganjamara Kabitaghara - An Odia Literary Movement through Sankalan, Patrika and Event

Ganjamara Kabitaghara’ is a literary organization established in the year 2015 with the aim of publishing poem sankalan, magazine and organizing literary events for betterment of Odia literature worldwide.

Its foundation place is silk city Berhampur of Ganjam district of Odisha. Founded by international fame eye specialist, socialist, essayist Dr. Rajendra Kumar Behera and edited by educationist, writer +Bhagirathi Behera of ‘Ekaa Ekaa Hrudaya’ fame.

In its first phase ‘Ganjamara Kabitaghara’ published a poem sankalan in 2015 on 31st January 2016 with 200 poets of Ganjam district only where eminent writer Bipin Nayak, K. Shyam Babu Dora, Prasant Mohanty, Kedriya Sahitya Academy Awardee Ameeya Bala Pattnaik were the guest. Also Ganjamara Kabitaghara published a poet’s book free of cost as award in the ceremony. the sankalan and activities of ‘Ganjamara Kabitaghara’ is largely accepted by Odisha literature people.

In 2016, Ganjamara Kabitaghara heading another milestone by publishing 300 pages magazine named as BHAGITATHI – KABITAARA GANAGA as puja special issue which will give 400 writers to Odia literatures and it is edited by poet Jayanti Behera. 

Any writer can submit their Odia poem to at any time of the year. While sending poems mention 'Ref:'.

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