Most Popular Dishes and Restaurants in Odisha

Odisha is famous for variety of dishes from different places in it. People of Odisha is very fond of sweets, which they prepare by own at home. Rasgulla is famous globally which was originated from Odisha. There are many popular dishes that you shouldn’t miss in your journey to Odisha. At least you must know the most popular dishes and hotels/restaurants where you can enjoy your food deliciously. Have a look after our most popular dishes and list of famous restaurants in different cities of Odisha.

Famous dishes of Odisha

  1. Khichdi: Famous dish of Odisha, which is also a Prasad that offered Lord Jagannath. It is a mixture of rice, lentils, ghee and jaggery with full of nutrition and taste.
  2. Dalma: It is very common dish of Odisha that only found here. It is a combination of dal with variety of vegetables. Former President Late A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has chosen this dish a common in President’s house.
  3. Malpua: A famous sweet of Odisha that was the first offering to Lord Jagannath in the early morning. It is a mouth-watering sweet made up with coconut, crushed ripe bananas, flour mixed with milk or water. These are very tasty when served hot.
  4. Puri Gaja: It is a famous and common offering to Lord Jagannath. 
  5. Pahala Rasogolla (Rasgulla): Rasogolla is very popular in Odisha. Rasgulla of Pahal (on Bhubaneswar-Cuttack Highway) is very famous throughout India.
  6. Dahi Bara (Wada) Aloo Damm:  Cuttack has its own signature of Dahi Bara Aloo Dam; which is very popular in all over Odisha. There are more than 1000 Dahi Bara stalls in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack.
  7. Pakhalo: The very common rice item is Pakhalo (fermented rice dish, basically during summer) in Odisha.
  8. Dahi Baigana: Brinjal (Baigana) fried and soaked in yoghurt (Dahi).
  9. Macha Besara: It is a popular fish curry of Odisha, where the fish (macha) was cooked with mustard paste (besara).
  10. Amba Khatta: Amba (Mango) khatta is a popular dish in Odisha. 

Famous Restaurants in Odisha

  1. Restaurants in Bhubaneswar: Mainland China, Dalma, Bling it On, Nakli Dhaba, Super Snax, Shohala Ana Odia, Priya Restaurant, KFC, Lemon Grass, Odisha Hotel, Marwari Rosei, etc.
  2. Restaurants in Cuttack: Golden Spoon, Hashim’s, Pramod Convention, Punjabi Dhaba, Hotel Bombay Inn, Barabati Restaurant, Blast, Swad, Mama Hotel, Aroma, etc.
  3. Restaurants in Puri: Wildgrass, Pink House, New Parijaat, Honey Bee Bakery and Pizzeria, Chung Wah, Bhojohori mana, Victoria Club, The Gajapati, Fusion, Agarwal’s Pure Veg, Bakers Boutique, Ananya Restaurant, Aquarium Restaurant, The Grand Regency, Nandan Veg, etc.
  4. Restaurants in Brahmapur: Hotel Radha, Nandan International, Nandan, Atithi, Olive Restaurant, The Maurya, Girija Restaurant, Pidha Hotel, Fun Dine, Ganjam Dhaba, Parijat Restaurant, etc.
  5. Restaurants in Rourela: The Standard, Madhuban, Ingesta, Khana Khazana, Renuka, Vatika, Neelam, etc.
  6. Restaurants in Jeypore: Hello Jeypore, Mama Restaurant, Radha Krishna, Royal Bakery, Lokesh Hotel, Flavours Redefining Taste, etc.
  7. Restaurants in Sambalpur: The Punjabi Grill, New Hong Kong, Kedia, Casa Cusina, New Kowloon, Suzu, etc.
  8. Restaurants in Balasore: Megabites, Barjori’s Bhojan, Swarnachuda, Yum Chinese Dears Meet, Fries-in-Jin, Swastik, etc.
  9. Restaurants in Dhenkanal: Eat@Sneha, Red Chillies, Royal mid Way, Penguin, Basanta Dhaba, Meghamalya, etc.
  10. Chilika Dhaba at Barkul, near Chilika Lake, Balugaon

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