What is Business Brand for Puri Rathayatra?

The world famous ‘Rathayatra’, which occurs once a year at Puri, where millions of devotees visit from all over the world to see and enjoy the beauty of Sree Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Subhadra. Since a decade, there was no rule for transmitting the car festival and ‘Sunabesha’ festival; but now the Temple committee has decided to declare a tender for live broadcasting the festivals.

Lord Sree Jagannath is our divine symbol and we feel proud to be an 'Odia' due to presence of Sree Jagannath and the culture we admire and follow since a long. Orissa's most famous festival 'Rathaytra' or our supreme symbol 'Car Festival' is going to be Tender Declaration by Sree Mandir Development Committee. Earlier, the committee had never restricted for broadcasting the festival to television companies. Television companies were hearty welcomed to telecast or broadcast the same earlier.

Now the temple committee has decided to call tender for telecasting, as the Indian Cricket Control Board announces for telecasting cricket tournaments. In one way, it is a best policy; because the TV companies are getting huge amount of revenue from advertising, but not paying a single penny to the temple. However, calling tender for live telecasting with highest paying company is not a good decision making. 

Sree Jagannath is Lord of all caste & creed of Odia people and also of the whole universe. The car festival is a unique and candor for everybody. It is for to create unity and to spread the Odia and Jagannath culture worldwide. Billions of people, who not allowed entering the temple, gets a chance to enjoy the beauty and moral of Sree Jagannath once a year. Temple committee should thankful and pleased with the modern technology, which helps to promote our tradition and culture. It is our bad destiny that the committee does not having that much of religious knowledge; otherwise, they should not make and use Lord Jagannath as a Business Brand.

Every channel has the right to telecast the live car festival. However, putting this right in the hand of highest paying company must be blocked. Apart from this, this facility and rights should be given to Odia TV channels; because, some times the cost of telecasting does not covers with the amount gained by the advertisements. Blocking the telecasting for Odia channels is just like to hurt every Odia people's heart and feeling. Lord Jagannath's Rathayatra is never was a Business Festival. However, the Temple Committee is trying to use as Business Brand.


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