Institute of TB Researches announces recipe contest for TB patients

The National Institute of Research in Tuberculosis (NIRT), Chennai under the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) announces a contest for recipe writing, especially for TB patients. 

As diet is very particular and important for a tuberculosis patient, which must include some restrictions and as well as nutritional values. Hence, NIRT, ICMR declares one of its national contest, seeking low-cost nutritional recipes for the TB patients.

Recently, the ‘World TB Day’ has been seen commemorated on 24th March 2018 with a theme for this year as ‘Wanted: Leaders for a TB-free world’.

The theme of the contest is ‘low cost and wholesome nutritional recipes for tuberculosis (TB) patients’. This contest is open for everyone and has to submit on or before 15th April 2008 via email to or by post to The Director, National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis, No.1, Mayor Sathiyamoorthy Road, Chetpet, Chennai - 600 031. Submission of handwritten applications will also be accepted by post at this same address.

The best 25 recipes will be selected and placed in the journal and will be awarded a prize money of 10,000/- (for first), 7,000/- (for the second), 5,000/-(for third) and 1,000/- rest 22 entries.

Key requirements: To take part in the competition, participants need to send a detailed recipe of any food item in any form (eg. eatables, soups, etc.,) which must include:
  • All needed ingredients with its full name
  • The required quantity of each ingredient
  • Approximate cost of the required ingredients
  • The exact process of preparation should be provided in a step by step
  • The time duration for each step of preparation should be specified
  • All other fine details and specifications like the taste, color, etc., related to the item being prepared
  • Details related to the usefulness of the items being prepared for TB patients with reference to the specific population like children, adults, diabetics, etc.

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