Liquor Tycoon Vijay Mallya is set to marry Pinky Lalwani, airhostess of Kingfisher airlines

(Pic - Indiatimes)
At the age of 62, Indian liquor tycoon Vijay Mallya is all set for 3rd marriage with his girlfriend, air-hostess of Kingfisher airlines Ms. Pinky Lalwani. Everyone knows about Vijay Mallya’s story who’s fighting for money laundering and unpaid load charges. However, it’s much curious to know who Pinky Lalwani is.

Pinky belong to an Indian Sindhi family, age around 39. She used to work in Kingfisher airlines seven years ago with an offer from Mallya and their personal relationship lasts for 3 years. After the bankruptcy of Kingfisher in 2012, the business baron and former Indian MP (Rajyasabha) Mallya was absconded from India with Rs.9000/- crore amount of money laundering and fraud. 

According to the media source, both Pinky and Mallya used to stay at Hertfordshire, London. Recently they celebrated the third anniversary of relationship and declared to be married soon.

However, Mallya (Vijay Vittal Mallya) is twice married and divorced. First divorce in 1987, from Sameera Tyabjee Mallya; second divorce in 1993, from Rakha Mallya. He has three children. 

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