Indian Politics and Vagabond Engineers

Being a friend of Liam (an Australian Engineer) it was my responsible to make him a tour in my native and other places of Odisha, on his sort tour.

During our visit to a small town in Southern Odisha, very splendidly he asked me a question, which pinches in my mind that ‘I read somewhere that Indian Engineers are not getting jobs; whereas I found a lot of source here for them?’
I replied, ‘you’re right that there’re many sources of income for engineers; however some people are unborn engineers and many are self-certified masters who taught the engineer graduates without any knowledge, just by using their power.’

‘Really, who are they?’

My reply was, ‘none other than our ministers and local contractors, who endorse themselves as certified engineers by the power of money. Can you guess why these roads were broken after millions of investments?’

‘I didn’t found any reason?’

‘See, our contractors are super engineers and master of the graduates. They first build the roads just before the monsoon. And it will take around four-five months to finish it. You just imagine how they construct roads during rain and in full of water there! Then once a sudden, the drainage work will start, and they’ll dig and shatter the newly constructed roads.’

‘Ohh Goss! It’s really weird to hear all about. The drainage work can be shutout before the road!’

‘Yeah! And after a little gap, other departments may be like public water supply or electricity will start digging the road to furnish their work.’

‘What actually they are benefited? Why don’t they do properly planned?’

I said, ‘They are fully benefitted and properly planned. The matter is they are not engineers.’

He’s stunned.

I continued, ‘Yes! I’m seeing this ever since my childhood. The engineers will do nothing. They just make a proposal, design, layout, whatever else on the project and take a grant from the board/officials. Everything is workout by the local contractors who drawn the lottery in tendering.  And the benefit is huge for everything; from small investors to the leaders. Whatever, the budget will pass; the sanctioned money for a project will be distributed among them step by step. You can see only 20-30% of work over on a sanctioned budget. Rest goes to everyone’s pocket. This is Indian Politics and you must not dumbfound why our engineers are vagabonds!’

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