How to reach Pakada Jhara Waterfall at Phulabani?

Kandhamal district or Phulabani is an ideal destination for nature lovers which are full of wildlife, forest, jungle and water sources. Pakada Jhara waterfall is one of the most attractive destinations at Phulabani district.
One can visit in throughout the year to Phulabani; however to see Pakara Jhara waterfall you must visit after rainy days to enjoy the beauty of full flowed stream.

How to reach Pakara Jhara waterfall?

At first you need to reach at Phulabani town by Bus from Berhampur(165KM) /Bhanjanagar (80KM) /ChariChhak (35Km). 

Nearest airport is Biu Pattnaik International Airport (211Km) of Bhubaneswar. 

Then from Phulabani you can take two-wheeler or four-wheeler to Pakara Jhara, which is around 25 km from there towards ChariChhak (Sambalpur Highway).

When to visit: 

Best time to visit Pakada Jhara Waterfall, Kandhamal is after rainy days, i.e. October to February. (Must carry winter clothes during this period)

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