Corona Vaccine Updates: Serum Institute of India (SII) will trial Oxford Vaccine on human in August

Pune: Serum Institute of India (SII), Pune has struck a deal with AstraZeneca, the British-Swedish Pharma Company (partnered with Oxford University ) to produce 300-400 million Corona Vaccine doses before the end of 2020. 
India is third worst affected countries in the world by Covid 19 pandemic. The Indian Pharma companies with vaccines like COVAXIN and ZyCOV-D had succeeded in phase-I/II clinical trials. In a statement, Adar Poonawala, CEO, SII said, company applied for licensure trials to the Indian regulators and will begin manufacturing in large volumes. 
The SII producing vaccine named "COVISHIELD" will cost around Rs. 1,000/- in India.
Oxford University vaccine AZD1222 already succeed in phase I/II of their clinical trials and phase III is overseeing in its native countries like Brazil and also hopeful in trialing in India as well.

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